At Fanny of Westmount a haven of relaxation and well-being awaits you. You will benefit from the renowned therapeutic techniques used by our trained professionals who will develop a personalized program suited to your needs.


Body energising treatments and massages

Take time to indulge yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised by your acuity to achieve your agenda with vigor! Look at the many massage treatments we can offer you. Various techniques designed to relax, stimulate circulation, treat backaches, poor circulation and muscles pains.

Starting at
Improved Swedish technique (1h) $75
European technique combining different massages (1h) $75
Therapeutic massage combining manual techniques and vibro-massage (1h) $85
Therapeutic massage for athletes (1h) $80
Shiatsu (1h) $80
Sea salt exfoliating massage (1h) $95
Lympho-energetic drainage essential oils $90
Invigorating massage with pink perfume candlelight (1h30) $150
Four-hand massage (1h) $150
Partial massage: neck, back or other (30 min) $59
Reflexology (30 min) $55
A vibro-percussion massage + any of the above (10 min) $48
Essential oils (Unit) $15
Precious oil candle massage (the candle melts into massage oil) $150

* Personalized programs: 6 massages including 1 complimentary session or 12 massages including 2 complimentary sessions. Must be paid in advance.


For a natural and uniform looking tan

Starting at
Self-tanning cream and gentle exfoliating application for a natural glow (15 to 45 min) $60 to $98



Remineralisation benefits from a selection of natural ingredients and oligo-elements, customized specially for you by Fanny of Westmount. Designed to improve circulation, remove weight, eliminate toxins and dead cells, treatments are combined with relaxation, revitalization and anti-aging, to enhance effectiveness. Hamam packages are available for both men and women.

Starting at
Full body exfoliation with moisturizing cream (45 min) $80
Dead sea salt body exfoliation (45 min) $90
Special back acne treatment (1h30) $80
Treatment to alleviate swollen legs and circulation problems (1h) $80
Sea algae wrap with essential oils (1h) $115
Dead sea mud wrap (1h) $120
Body wrap with hydrating cream, applied with your choice of natural ingredients (1h30 to 2h) $160
Complete body facial (1h30 to 2h) $190

Corpo Novo*

Complete anti-aging, slimming and firmness with no-charge consultation. Suggested treatment: intensive cellulite may combine lympho-energetic drainage with massage and algae wrap. * Before selecting a Corpo Novo (anti-aging) treatment, customers should set up an appointment for a free consultation with a Corpo Novo (anti-aging) consultant. She will guide you and recommend a complete one hour evaluation.